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The Birth of an Idea

September 20, 2021

The Birth of an Idea – Jelcore Co-op Program

The Jelcore Co-op program was born from a vision to cultivate the next generation of business leaders. High school students who join our program are immersed in the world of business management, gaining exposure to every level of operation. These young minds are the future managers and entrepreneurs who will shape tomorrow's business landscape.

Our mission is to offer these students unparalleled real-world experience, bridging the gap between classroom learning and practical application. Participants not only earn valuable school credits but also have the unique opportunity to continue their journey with Jelcore, building on the foundation of skills and knowledge they acquire during their time with us.

Through the Jelcore Co-op program, we are not just educating students; we are inspiring the leaders of tomorrow, equipping them with the tools and experiences they need to drive innovation and success in the future.

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